The Fall of the World's Own Optimist

Dang, I kinda wish I lived in Jersey

1. I'd be near a real city.
2. The best sandwich shop in the world is in Princeton. (Seriously, I ate there about 12 years ago, and I still remember that sandwich.)
3. The hyperkinetic bass player of my dreams is single, and that's where he lives.


Stuffs What I Want to Finish Within the Next Year
Mostly for my own reference, as I don't imagine anyone but me is that interested. But putting it up in the public might make me write faster.

1. The Coed, the Prince, the Magician, and His Lover
Yes, I choose my work-in-progress titles mostly on the basis of how much they make me giggle.

2. The World with No Leak at the Seam/The Heart and Mind of Valor Donnelly
Or else because of their ridiculous length. This is the post-apocalyptic fairytale and the side story that might be its own work and might only be scaffolding I need to build the first one.

3. Desert Magic
a.k.a. the archaeology story, or one of several examples of how I am incapable of writing a traditional romance novel because one or the other of the characters always decides to be an immortal fire spirit or something.

4. Belief
Oh em gee, a one-word title. A short story threatening to turn into a novella.

And a bit of fanfic, including The Cracktastic Crossover That Seems Less Cracktastic the More I Work On It (Magician's Nephew–era Narnia/Fullmetal Alchemist movie—think about it!).

Fanfic meme
roy by dang it I lost the tag :(
Seen at musesfool:

If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

I know I don't post a lot of fic, but I'm curious what people might say, so if something springs to mind, by all means, ask!

Like I told musesfool, I almost asked her for my pet FMA fic wish, but then my brain started to say stuff about it, and it said:

He's an amibitious skirt-chaser who can start fires with a snap of his fingers. She's the best shot in the military and hides her affection with snark. Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye! Solving mysteries! With a dog!

And I said, "Dude, I want that one for myself."

Like I need another fic to write, what with the cracktastic Narnia crossover and Alphons Heiderich stoically pining. *sigh*

Kitty pic
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50 things meme
Ganked from bethynyc.

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I ordered some doujinshi on 4/29, and it's already here. I have never known porn to travel so fast. Seriously, was it entered in some sort of porn semi-circumnavigation race that I just didn't know about?

I blame this journal's recent porn fixation entirely on the fact that Beltane and a full moon happened so close to each other this year.

Eventually I'll decide "Probably" and keep going, but what a mood-killer
Where many fanfic writers might work like this:

La la la, I have the idea for teh hot pr0n!
*scribbles madly without a care in the world*

I'm more like:

Ooh! Idea for hot porn!
*scribbles madly*
Hey, wait. I wonder if they have circumcision in Amestris.
*thinks very hard*
I cannot proceed without a satisfactory answer!
*stops composing hot porn; begins composing letter*
Dear Arakawa-san, Could you please answer a few questions for me so I can write more accurate smut?...
*realizes this is stupid, pouts*

There's just no pleasing me
I discovered today a kink for a pairing I'd never really thought about before, and I tried to find the sort of fic I wanted about it, but had no luck. Oh well; you know what they say: if you want filthy quasi-incestuous fic done right, you've gotta do it yourself.

I must say, though, that now that I'm actually sitting at home writing porn, I'd kind of rather be out with a human being. :-/

It's raining men...yay?
Suddenly I have Possibilities.

Bachelor #1 is pretty, pretty, pretty and way too young, and I've already talked about him, and we'll see if anything happens.

Bachelor #2 is a cutie I noticed way back when I first moved here, who has lately been winking at me and otherwise stepping up the flirtation. He has many lovely tattoos, which is always a plus, and his hair changes color and configuration more often than mine. And, unlike B1, I know where to find him if I wanna.

I went out with Bachelor #3 a few times and then, well. On our third date, he sneakily tried to put his arm around me while we were walking.

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[1] Though I must admit that I am bent enough that given a choice between B3, who would probably one night say "Would you please come home with me?" and B2, who might well say "Why doncha come over here and fuck me?", I'll take the perv with the pretty tattoos every time. I don't want someone who would probably be a good dad someday. I want sweaty, filthy sex.

[2] Ex-hubby's ex-girlfriend, whom I met in SF, is eerily like me, but way more awesome.

It's been a while since a music post
Here, a meme of my own devising.

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